About Myself

Sugar, spice, everything nice!

Companion based in Montreal

My name is Adore Goldman and I am a delightful mix of sugar and spice. I may not be as polish as other, but I can promise you you will fall for my chaotic cuteness and my adorable clumsiness. I'm a leo, scorpio rising which means I live my life with passion and intensity and I intend to make our encounter as passionate and intense!


Taking care is my second nature. One thing is sure, you will never get bored with me. If you haven't already gotten lost in my deep-ocean blue eyes and you want a companion with who you can explore  both your sweet and spicy side, I'm your girl! I'm a tasty, elegantly tattooed young lady, who's a great listener and with a great sense of humour!


Our encounter

If it’s the first time you see me, you might feel a bit of nervousness  and excitement. Just know that I feel the same way, but that’s what make it magical. I value communication and I want you to feel open with me, as I will do the same with you. 


I see everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnic backgroud or (dis)ability! 

Age: 24

Height: 163 cm/ 5 ft 4

Weight: 64 kg/ 140 lbs

Mensurations: 34C

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Shoe size: 7

Nose piercing

Some tattoos


Interests & hobbies: Reading about social justice, queer and feminist theories, reading in general, writing, drawing, pole dancing, karaoke singing, drag queen/king shows and many more...


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